I have come to believe that nobody votes for a Democrat.

When I was a kid, Texas Democrats tried (without success) to interest my Dad in going into politics. I never met Lyndon or Speaker Sam, but several of the lower-level muckety-mucks of the Texas Democratic Party were either guests in our home or around in places where I tagged along with my parents. They all thought that ballot-box stuffing, disenfranchising black people (who mostly voted Republican in those days, when they were suffered to vote at all) and other shenanigans were admirable activities, valuable as the source of anecdotes everyone laughed at.

Stories like this just reinforce my prejudice, and you can find more all across the Web. Not even the Party activists bother to actually go to the polls. All votes for Democrats, without exception, are cooked up in Democratic Party headquarters back rooms and inserted into the system by various hooks and crooks, or are cast by people who go into the booth with a crib sheet and a cash payment in their pockets. Nobody who is qualified to vote in the United States has voted for a Democrat since 1860.