My heart bleeds. Larry Sabato says on Twitter,

I have heard from DOZENS of Rs today, furious that Tea Party cost them DE, CO, NV Senate seats. Tea Party spin not working so far.

Let’s take, briefly, the most outstanding example: Mike Castle of Delaware, supposedly an “electable Republican”. His voting record not just suggests, but screams loudly, that he would have been a reliable vote for the Democratic Party — that if Harry Reid broke wind, Castle would have done the best an old guy could do to be the first to leap to his feet and shout “AYE!” The others that Carl Rove and the rest of the Establishment Republicans promoted as “electable” fall into the same mold, if in some cases slightly less extreme.

So what is the advantage to anyone of electing a Castle to the Senate?

Committee chairmanships, they keep telling us. Sure, as if that made a difference when the Members of the Committees can be reliably expected to go along to get along with the Democratic, Statist, Progressive program. It is to sneer. Same with influence on the confirmation process — it gains nothing if they’re just going to confirm the <sneer>mainstream appointees</sneer) and Bork the rest. What’s the real advantage?

In a word: perks. The majority Party gets nicer offices, bigger staffs and expense accounts, more exposure on teevee, invitations to all the best parties with the most expensive booze, regular visits to the White House, use of Air Force planes to schlep themselves and their toadies around, more groupies aides, and first choice of the pork barrels. Ego-boo, in other words, the ability to swank around town impressing the slack-jawed with their importance and power.

And you know what, guys? We don’t give a shit. We don’t live in DeeCee, we don’t hobnob with reporters from the New York Times, and we don’t give a flying damn whether your office has windows on three sides and carpet you can swim in or is a janitor’s closet in the basement. Your perks and privileges are important to you, but if anything we resent them rather than admiring them.

What we want you to do is vote our way and support us in our attempts to make a living and enjoy life. If you won’t do that, it’s irrelevant to us whether you’re Majority or Minority; in reality, what we’d really prefer is to see you begging J Street for a desk and a CAT5 socket, or (better) canvassing for a paying job “back home” in the State you barely remember. Keep it in mind.