The estimable Norm Geras brings us an essay by Sean Coleman on the results of the recent elections. Mr. Coleman has written essays for Norm’s Blog before, and is worth a moment of your time.

“Two years of legislative achievement and economic distemper have been capped by an epic repudiation.”

The point Mr. Coleman has missed in his otherwise charming essay is that, in the view of the tea partiers, the “economic distemper” is precisely the direct, indeed inevitable, result of the “legislative achievement”, and a substantial number of Americans agree — hence the “epic repudiation”.

I do congratulate him on his avoidance of the repugnant, and false, use of accusations of racism. “Raaaaacism!” is the modern American Left and Left-center’s confession of total ignorance and consequent bewilderment.

As for Keynesian economics, at some point the monies used for stimulus must be repaid — a point Dr. Keynes himself made quite forcefully in his original work. It is our belief that that time has come, if it has not passed long ago, and that advisers to politicians who name themselves “Keynesian”, like Dr. Krugman, have abandoned that necessity in order to curry the favor of opportunistic politicians, to whom are thereby granted the power to spend money they don’t have and never will.