Bottom line on O’Donnell and Miller, and a few others:

There was a Republican Party primary election, and a Republican candidate was selected. The heavyweights of the Republican Party immediately swung into action, bringing maximum force to bear against the Republican candidate.

You can blarney, bluster, and bloviate, and no doubt my permission to do so is a comfort to you. You are welcome to bleat and shriek, wave your hands, and throw up colored smokes in attempt to divert attention, but that’s the issue. Beltway Republicans set out to destroy a Republican candidate because she wasn’t one of them. The rest of it is an attempt to change the subject.

By contrast, in South Carolina the Democratic primary election produced a candidate, and the Democratic Party establishment went dead silent. They didn’t support their embarrassing candidate beyond a few tokens, but they didn’t get on teevee and pontificate about how embarrassing he was, either. They were so effective at suppressing commentary that even I still have to use a search engine to remind myself which State picked Alvin Greene as a Senatorial candidate.

There is one amusing and relevant side issue: O’Donnell lost by exactly the same margin as the other Republican candidate. What does that say about the power and influence of the Country Club Republicans?