You ain’t got the chops.

Verum Serum mentions the execrable Ted Rall, via Ed Morrissey:

A war is coming. At stake: our lives, the planet, freedom, living. The government, the corporations, and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce into an Axis of Evil. Are you going to fight back? Will you do whatever it takes, including taking up arms?

Well, um, the answer to that question is “no”, Ted. Or perhaps it’s “NO!!11ELEVENTY11!!”

Never mind the stupidity and sore-headed ignorance behind the call itself, exemplified by quoting a dystopic novel that paints a picture totally devoid of consonance with actual “wingnut” ideals, and indeed comes closer to describing a society based on Islam, the leftoids’ darling. It’s simply a matter of mechanics.

If you intend to engage in violent revolution, history and experience hath shewn that there are two irreducible requirements:

1) You must provide yourself with arms, and have both the skill and fortitude to use them;

2) You must suborn the Army, and attract its leadership to promotion of the Cause.

A “movement” which has spent the last half-century disparaging the military as “jack-booted thugs”, concocting in-your-face lies to support that dismissal whenever possible, is unlikely to gain many recruits among the people thus insulted. There are probably people in the upper levels of the military hierarchy whom you can attract to Teh Cause, but in almost every case they are those who are disgruntled at their failure to achieve promotion, and are thus much more interested in self-aggrandizement and revenge against their detractors.

In an incompetent military, the difference between a chair-warmer disgruntled by being passed over and a promoted officer may only be the political environment in which they operate. The US military is not incompetent, and the difference between a desk pilot and a line officer is largely demonstrated ability. What your recruiting drive is likely to attract is people looking to take over The Movement in order to bash their rivals, and not even competent at that. A better promoter of later rule by medal-jingling pseudo-militarists is hard to imagine.

As for arms, people who go directly into Cheyne-Stokes breathing when a lapel flops open to reveal a perfectly legal .38 Special being carried by a person who has been better “vetted” for responsibility than the average police officer are unlikely to successfully take up arms. You will be utterly dependent on being, yourselves, liars — on the “jack-booted thugs” being too pacifist and/or squeamish to fire on the mass of “demonstrators”. This may not be totally dependable; Google up some of the more recent data regarding Kent State. You would be much better off inventing a time machine, going back to the Sixties you love so much, and joining the NRA. Whether the resulting cadre would continue to support your stated aims must be left to experiment.

There will be calls from the more splenetic for you to “bring it on!” They would best be ignored as likely to cause disaster for everyone. Continue as you are. You are much more likely to survive the experience if Pvt. Jackboot is laughing too hard to aim his weapon.