Or, rather, no pecans.

Native Pecan Tree on Front Fence Line

No Pecans This Year

This is a big, old (~40-50 years) “native” pecan tree growing in the fence line by the road. If you look at the branch tips perhaps you can make out something unfortunate: the swellings of pecans that should be there, aren’t. There are half a dozen or more pecan trees on my place, and the only ones with any nuts at all are the natives — and those are sparse, one or two here and there when they should be loaded. All of the “paperhulls” are completely bare.

In town, and along the byways, there are many pecan trees, and everywhere it’s the same story: no pecans, or very, very few. We did have some wind and rain in the Spring when the flowers came out, but I don’t ever recall having seen that result in nothing at all on the trees. The birds and squirrels are going to be severely disappointed — as am I. There are a few of last year’s nuts in baskets around the place, so I may be able to make a pie or two, but they’re all the little, hard natives, and given my current enthusiasm level for life in general the likelihood of my cracking them and separating out the meats is pretty low.