It just all gets so f*ing tedious.

Cobb links an old post on a site whose tagline is “Redistributing Knowledge” (not updated recently):

A casual comment from my left-leaning, independent fiancé made me realize one of the missteps of the Republican Party, and I think we would do well to take it to heart. We were debating the merits of government sponsored, nationalized healthcare and he said, regarding the conservative claim that there are free market solutions, “Well, I just haven’t actually seen any other solutions being discussed [besides a socialistic approach].” In that moment I realized the GOP’s problem. We always talk about how the Democrats are socialists, or their plans are socialistic, and we talk about how and why those are bad things. However, we never actually get anything off the ground and in the people’s faces, providing our own, alternative solutions to problems. I do not remember our GOP leadership actually presenting viable solutions that we, the conservative base, could believe in and share with others. If they exist, they are buried somewhere, inaccessible to the masses.


Cobb’s commenters then go off on details of entitlement reform, and leave the question of “viable solutions” unaddressed. They have some good points, mind you, but they don’t seem to me to speak to the issue at hand.

It’s not that viable solutions don’t exist. They aren’t mysterious, either. It’s just that it gets so d*d tedious.

No sooner has the light bulb come on in one head than another thoughtless pseudoleftoid like the so-described “left-leaning, independent fiancé” pops up, and you have to start over with Naboth’s vineyard and work your way through the whole litany again — Cromwell and the Levellers, Gouverneur Morris and the Puritans, Adam Smith, Locke (no relation), right up through Hayek and de Leon, not forgetting to fend off the “support” of supposed allies who have already internalized all of that and have to go into (as in the responses to the post) thousand-word exercises in hair splitting. Somebody like Beck or Goldberg puts together a synthesis with a reading list, and it’s all a knee-jerk of ohnoes that’s all about religion and Hitler and h8 and that’s just icky and you have to row through the whole mess, with due caution for the minefields thoughtfully strewn about.

Eventually most people throw up their hands and give up, having decided that magic solutions and wishful thinking, couched in suitably-softened Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, are irresistibly attractive, to the point that they cannot be countered without what amounts to starting over from scratch every time. Attention then turns to finding ways to hide from the inevitable tsunami; the happy beachgoers with their drinks full of fruit on little sticks can fend for themselves when the wave hits.