I’ve been dilatory about updating recently. Part of that was because there was an election on, and ‘way out here in Neverland I didn’t have anything to contribute directly, but most of it was and remains simple ennui.

Today, though, I have a Mission. The car died on Tuesday night; I walked to a friend’s house and she took me home, and yesterday another friend brought a trailer and got it home.  It is good to have friends. It is even better to have friends with pickup trucks, trailers, and handling equipment. It is best of all to be the friend with the pickup truck, trailer, winch, boomers, and straps, and one of the reasons I have such friends is that I once was one; no more.

Today I have to go to town to the courthouse annex and get tags for the old Ford truck, so I don’t have to walk while I get the car fixed, if I can get the car fixed. The same friend will take me there once she’s done feeding horses in a few minutes, but I’ll probably have to walk back. It’s only three miles and the weather’s nice, so it’s no big deal, but it will be time consuming.

Some tip jar hits would be appreciated. Engine parts for an ’89 Buick Reatta aren’t all that expensive, but compared to my budget they’re solid gold. If that doesn’t seem appropriate to you, a few prayers that it’s something simple and cheap would also do wonders.


Well, that was a bust. Can’t do business with the County (or the Feds, the State, or the bank) on Veterans’ Day. A quick stop for a few supplies… Hey, I’m a veteran. Why can’t I do business on Veterans’ Day?


Ain’t that some s*t. Opened the hood, poked in the key, turned it over a few times, and it started right up. This is the entire content of Hell for a technician.