Linda’s here to feed horses, so I’ll shortly be on the way to town again. Today isn’t a day off for Government and the banks, so errands should be possible.

There is news about the car. Yesterday morning it started and ran as well as it ever has for me, so it isn’t cam timing. This is a good thing. Different companies have different design philosophies, and what would take maybe a couple of hours on the Ford I once have looks like a full day or better on this GM.

I now have three opinions saying it’s the fuel pump, and that sounds plausible to me. I even have a new fuel pump with installation kit, but have already discovered that I ain’t got either (A) the ass to install it myself or (B) the cash to have Virgil do it for me.

Thanks to all the new visitors, especially those from The Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer and the kind folk who comment there. Make yourself t’home.

–and here’s Josh with today’s cat food. Later —