Where’s the uncertainty? Kevin Drum wails. Ezra Klein sniffs that it was worse in 1993! Steve Benen echoes his old buddy Kevin, and the Moderate(ly Left) Voice compliments Kevin and Steve on “debunking” the “uncertainty meme”. Yglesias attempts a “deeper lancing of this particular boil“, concluding that it’s just “…a faux-sophisticated way of saying ‘I’m a rich businessman who wants politicians to cater to my interests more.'”

Dennis the Peasant is brutal as usual, but unfortunately not brutal enough. The fact is, Drum and his sycophants are correct as far as it goes: there is no real uncertainty. Business isn’t “hesitating” to invest due to lack of knowledge about the future. The message from Washington and the leftoid punditocracy is clear and unmistakeable:

Here’s some money, which we sucked from the pockets of your customers and their successors, even to the last generation. Go crank up the economy with it! Right now, you bastards! But if you make any money doing that, you’re a f*ing criminal and we’ll bash the f* out of you and take it all away — oh, and by the way, here’s a huge stack of new laws you have to comply with, but they haven’t been fleshed out by “enabling regulations” yet; the ones already in place are going to soak your ungrateful asses, and we’ll get around to more of that at our leisure.

As we used to say on the playground, smooth move, Ex-Lax. That’ll open some wallets on Wall Street, and get this economy moving again!