Stacy says that if I want a million hits, one of the things I have to do is post a lot. My readers (both of them 🙂 have no doubt noticed that that hasn’t been happening recently.

It’s all about excuses, of course. At the top of that list: I am once again employed, at the same place that fired me before. $8 an hour, 35 hours a week, but my God the entertainment… As a result, I now have to get up in the morning and go elsewhere, rather than sitting at the computer all day. Of course, when I was sitting at the computer all day I really didn’t post much. What you didn’t know was that I haven’t been doing much else, either. Click, click, click… Depression is a wonderful condition.

Going somewhere after I get up has gotten a little more difficult, too. As mentioned before, my $500 car is hors de combat for lack of a fuel pump. One of the things I like least about getting old is growing incapacity. There was a time when something like that would have been troublesome but within my power to overcome. Now, though, I spent most of a morning getting the car up high enough to drop the fuel tank, then got under, applied my 1/2″ drive socket wrench to an antiroll stabilizer bar bracket, grunted… and got nothing. I shrugged, got it down off the blocks, and drove it until the pump failed completely. Virgil (my mechanic) and his talented crew will provide, once I scrape together the funds.

In the meantime this is my ride:

1974 Ford F100, Slightly Bent

1974 Ford F100, Slightly Bent

There is no body panel not dinged, the paint is essentially gone, none of the interior or dash lights work, and the right-hand blinker is out of service; the transmission leaks, requiring regular infusions of hydraulic oil; there are no rubber bushings left in the front suspension, and it rattles like a can of rocks. The worst point is also a good point: It has a 390 cubic inch “big block” engine and will tow anything that won’t yank the bumper out, but 8 MPG combined with regular trips to work and to visit Bobbe in the nursing home tends to postpone the day I can take the Reatta to the shop for skilled application of wrenches. Hey, it starts every time and gets me where I’m going. I’ve never been much concerned with what a car looks like. I’m inside, and the exterior appearance is somebody else’s problem 🙂