More TSA atrocity stories this morning, and reaction is starting to set in. They’re backing down a bit, although there are  worrisome aspects of some proposals.

Call me paranoid if you like, but I don’t trust those people. One of the most useful tactics in the book is the diversionary attack — send a unit somewhere that’s plausible, and have them do something showy with lots of noise involved, in the hope that the enemy will turn to face the new threat and let you take ’em in the vulnerable flank. It can be hard on the members of the diversionary force, who have to face the whole enemy with only a small part of the total force available, but if it allows winning the battle the general in charge might think it worth the expenditure of people and materiél.

A wise commander, faced with a showy attack from an unexpected direction, looks around him to see if something else might be going on. This is certainly showy enough, and at root it doesn’t really make sense. If a broken-toothed redneck in the wilds of north Texas can figure out that it gets a lot of folks outraged without making any real contribution to security, the Smaaht People surely know. It has all the symptoms of a diversionary attack — a really effective one.

But what might it be a diversion from?

Here are a couple of possible clues. One of them is World Net Daily, which most of us have been conditioned to take with a large helping of salt, and another is the “white house insider”, who’s plausible but doesn’t offer any evidence. But with Rahm Emanuel running for Mayor and the resulting dirt being dug up, and the continual stream of revelations from Eric Holder’s Department of Reparations Justice, it’s not hard to imagine something large moving ponderously and a little clumsily on the other side of the ridge. The TSA scandal has pushed the Black Panther matter and a lot else off the radar, and just how did Nancy Pelosi get clearance to stay as Minority Leader anyway?

Suggestions welcome. Beating off the diversionary attack may be worse for the defenders than absorbing it while waiting for the Big One.