I mildly object to some language at Verum Serum.

In my mind, “tacit acceptance” is what “tolerance” is all about. There are lots of folks around who believe things I disagree with, sometimes very strongly, but who also agree with me on enough things of sufficient importance to bring to mind the LBJ aphorism about urination. GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans very definitely fit in that category.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Series contains a principle, attributed to an ancient politician, that’s apropos here:

In an ally, considerations of [other allegiance] are insignificant beside two prime questions, which are:
1) Can he shoot?
2) Will he aim at your enemy?

It’s important to realize that your potential ally feels (or should feel) the same way. Mr. Barron has demonstrated that he possesses significant firepower and is willing to keep it downrange. That being the case, other conservatives, most especially including social cons, should offer him the same consideration.