President Obama spent almost half of last year out of the office. (Via Ace and others)

Hooray, I say.

Let us suppose, just for purposes of estimation, that it costs $10 million per day to keep the Obamas on the road. Over a year that’s not quite $4 billion, and in today’s Government budget, that’s not even a rounding error — it’s negligible. Any Senator can earmark that much with his or her eyes closed, and compared to what The Man can spend with a stroke of the pen while in the Oval Office it doesn’t signify.

Now that Nancy’s no longer wielding the money-shovel and Harry’s fangs have been blunted, the more time our beloved President spends on the beach or the links the better. A few mysterious communications glitches would improve the situation even more.

172 trips on Air Force One. Let’s shoot for 300 in 2011, hmm?