U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot outside a grocery store in Tucson while holding a public event, and as I post the early indications are that she has died of it, as have several others who were part of the event or attending it. (UPDATE: Local news suggests Ms. Giffords survived and is in surgery.)

We now proceed with the orgy of comment, as leftoids expostulate over just how damned dangerous the rightists are and rightists hasten to apologize and assure the world that nothing like that is meant by the mainstream of the right.

It’s absolutely true that the Right-mainstream doesn’t want anything like this to happen. We want, ache for, a peaceful, political resolution. However, the Left needs to listen to their own rhetoric about payback for oppression.

If the leftoids are going to continue to insist that nothing belongs to anyone without their leave, that no tiniest portion of life can proceed without their micromanagement, that everything that might make us comfortable must be suppressed to Save the Planet, and that people who work are required to support those who don’t for Social Justice, and are prepared to send people with guns to enforce their decrees, they need to expect some pushback. This Nation didn’t come into being via parliamentary maneuvers and political argument, though both of those were important to the process — it took guns and violence to boot George and the Parliament, as represented by guys with guns wearing red coats, off our part of the North American continent.

At the moment the violent pushback is confined to extremists and nutcases. The only firearm I own is an ancient .410 shotgun that doesn’t work, and I’m far too proud of my skin to go out doing such things, but I know people (and hear rumors of more) who are burying guns in the back yard and practicing their marksmanship in anticipation of just such activities. Neither I nor the vast majority of such people want that outcome, but Democrats and other leftoids should beware: if you don’t back off and get out of their faces a bit, some of your worst fears may be coming true, and it may not be as much of an opportunity as you think.