Leftoids are in full cry. Treacher summarizes on Twitter:

“Eliminationist rhetoric” = “It’s not fair that you disagree with me, shut up shut up shut up”

Except, of course, they’re finding that crying “shut up shut up shut up” isn’t particularly effective, so now they’re calling for the power to send policemen, with guns, to make sure we shut up.

They themselves are of course empowered to hang George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in effigy and make movies calling for their assassinations — those are just youthful hijinks, not to be taken seriously. Employment of a metaphor that originated when Og the Cave Man first threw a rock at a “target” is now to be a criminal matter. (Turnabout is fair play. I look forward to using that facility against, e.g., Paul Krugman, some time in the future.)

It was Joseph Goebbels who first enunciated the principle of the Big Lie — if you lie loudly enough, and keep it up for long enough, you can obliterate the truth. The leftoid media are certainly loud enough, and it looks as if they’re prepared to keep it up for however long may be required. I’m almost sure that ol’ Joe takes some comfort from the works of his disciples, between prods of the pitchfork.