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I was in the process of mentally outlining a post, but I see that others are on the case. It’s worth summarizing, though.

What they’re telling us is that self-defense is not an option if it’s a Democrat doing the attacking. No matter what shit Democrats serve, the only permissible response is “Please, may I have some more?” It’s the only way to be civil. It’s the only way to elevate the political discourse. If a Democrat attacks your ideas or integrity, any defense is hateful violent rhetoric. If a Democrat attacks you with a club, lifting an arm to ward off the blow is a violent response. (Of course no Democrat would stoop to a physical attack. They’ll send goons to do it for them.)

Y’know what? Fuck you and your white horse, and you can stick your Shining Sword up your ass to the quillions.

That low enough discourse for you?