I care what the President does. Black, white, or rainbow-colored, male, female, or R-strategy cephalopod, it is the policies and procedures of the President that are important, not physical presentation or personality.

It would seem, from reports around the Internet, that the President gave a good speech at the memorial service for the victims last night. Good, in the sense that he delivered it well and with apparent sincerity; good, in the sense that it addressed the matters involved correctly. The meta-reaction is various.

Jeff Goldstein: Obama and his handlers essentially orchestrated a minor Sister Soldjah moment…They gave the performance a title and handed out t-shirts.

Tammy Bruce: …don’t wonder why I’m calling the charade tonight a charade. Despite all of us being faced with the ugliness of the liberal response, we also spent the last 5 days praying for the victims and being concerned for our nation. You will also see my concern in refusing to silently acquiesce or in faux praise for one of the most bizarre displays of manipulation of a tragedy I’ve ever seen.

Verum Serum: Hopefully that will put an end to the bickering from the professional left, though they had already lost the case before this speech. He will benefit from this and he should. He said the right things even if not quite at the right time.

The overriding concern, for them as for many others on the Right, is that a good speech will tend to make Obama more popular and therefore enable him to effectively carry out his policies and procedures — policies and procedures they consider destructive to the Republic, a judgement I concur in. There is another possibility, enunciated by C. J. Burch, quoted at Instapundit: Palin pushed Obama to the right today.

The policies and procedures espoused and engaged in by Barack Obama are identified with “the Left”, and I, like many others, consider them destructive of Liberty and the future fortunes of the Republic. That being the case, I want one of two things: Barack Obama out of the Presidency, or for Barack Obama to adopt policies and procedures that are constructive — which would involve a “move to the right”. If Sarah Palin, or the “political environment”, or the phase of the third moon of Alpha Centauri A (III), has impelled Obama to move to the right, I consider it a positive development, and am prepared to acknowledge it as such. Whether or not it means moving far enough to the right can be left for later developments (I am not hopeful), but in the meantime even small increments in the positive direction should be reinforced. When a child uses the toilet for the first time instead of peeing in his pants, we offer effusive compliments to encourage further positive developments. Tell the man he done good, and maybe he’ll do better in the future.