The Global Warming scam contains more lies per cubic politician than anything else going at the moment, and I for one am sick and tired of being “civil” to brazen liars. This is especially true of the bald-faced prevaricators who decry any disagreement as “incivility” and respond to “I don’t think that’s the case” with shrieking accusations of violent response.

Via CDR M at Ace of Spades comes the latest, a Reuters article summarizing research by a consortium led by Ulf Buentgen, of the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research. The headline is “Climate a factor in Rome’s rise and fall”. Go read it, and if you are too tired or too consumed by ennui at Yet Another AGW Article to curse, I am entirely prepared to do it for you. No problem. Happy to help.

Done? Good. Seems innocuous, doesn’t it?

I belong to, and am recruiting for, an apparent minority among “deniers” whose attitude can be summarized as “Yeah. So the fuck what?” I am perfectly prepared to admit — declare, rather — that the Earth is warming, and have been saying so since at least forty years ago, when the críse du jour was The Coming Ice Age with a side of Nuclear Winter. What I am NOT prepared to cede is (A) that the warming is anything out of the ordinary in Earth’s long history; (B) that the result of the warming will be extraordinary disaster(s); (C) that the warming can be laid entirely at the door of human activity, American or otherwise; or (D) that the proper thing to do in the face of the threat is to turn dictatorial power over light, heat, transportation, etc., etc., ad infinitum, to anybody in the current (or any other) set of politicians. (To clarify that last: If the Killer Asteroid were crossing the orbit of the Moon with the impact epicenter squarely on my house, I still wouldn’t be willing to crown Al Gore Emperor of the World and Master of Energy Use.)

Part of the evidence supporting my attitude is the historical, anthropological, and archaeological evidence, since confirmed (when the scientists are honest) by ice cores, tree rings, and other proxies, that there have been two warm periods within the evidentiary record: the Medieval Warm Period, roughly three or four centuries centered around the year 1000 CE, and what is sometimes termed the “Roman Warm”, which was lower in amplitude than the MWP but lasted much longer, almost precisely corresponding to the period when Rome was dominant. If you look around the world at the periods around 1000 CE and 0 CE/BCE, you will find the pattern repeated — it is not by chance that “lost cities” tend to be described as from a thousand years ago.

The pattern is clear. During warm times there is lots to eat, and people get around in the world and build things — houses, roads, bridges, temples, cities, Empires. When it gets cold people stay home, starve, and don’t build much, and the barbarians of the far North come calling with swords in hand, looking for piña coladas with fruit on little sticks in and getting surly and violent when their credit cards get rejected at the register. If we were going to try planetary engineering, the first project we should look at would be warming the place up a degree or two. On the evidence, it would result in better (and better distributed) nutrition, comfort, and prosperity for the entire human race.

Die Herr Professor Doktor Büntgen agrees:

Good growth by oak and pine trees in central Europe in the past 2,500 years signalled warm and wet summers and coincided with periods of wealth among farming societies, for instance around the height of the Roman empire or in medieval times.

Periods of climate instability overlapped with political turmoil, such as during the decline of the Roman empire, and might even have made Europeans vulnerable to the Black Death or help explain migration to America during the chill 17th century.

Which is what I said, right? Warm times are good times; cold times are bad times. But that’s not what the Big Thinkers conclude:

…the evidence, helping back up written records that are sparse in Europe more than 500 years ago, “may challenge recent political and fiscal reluctance” to slow projected climate change in the 21st century.

Yeah. It’s the Global Warming Mantra, pronounced in the face of the very research they did! Warm is good, cold is bad, warm is coming and it’s a disaster we have to “slow” by uprooting our way of life despite “recent political and fiscal reluctance”. Note that the article’s writer never uses the phrase “global warming”, nor does he quote Büntgen as using it. It’s all “climate instability” and “climate shifts” and other mealy-mouthed ambiguities, followed by a conclusion that directly contradicts the evidence. They take evidence against catastrophe and use it to promote extreme measures to prevent catastrophe.

Is it not wonderful?

The pattern is familiar. Whatever the crisis, the solution is that we must abandon any pretense or attempt at comfort and freeze, starving, in holes in the ground, while our Betters come by in their warm limousines to congratulate us for Saving the Earth.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers, and fuck Reuters, Büntgen, and the entire Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and all who sail in or alongside her, with a building timber containing tree rings from the year 1108, inserted sideways. That’s a fucking lie, you’re a pack of fucking liars, and I will say so early, often, and viva voce despite calls for measured responses and “civility”. Lies are not “civil” however genteelly expressed, and I feel no pressure to repay incivility with politesse.