Vat-grown meat has been a staple (!) of the science-fiction diet for as long as I’ve been reading it, which is quite a long time. H. Beam Piper coined the neologism in the headline, so far as I know, back in the Sixties or earlier.

Now it looks as though it might become reality. At the moment no one seems to be funding the research as such, but I wonder if Dr. Mironov has used enough imagination in his search for backers. He seems to have concentrated on Government sources. Perhaps a fast-food chain might be interested? Some of them are quite dedicated to uniformity, and making meat to order would certainly achieve that.

Walter Russell Mead muses on the implications for climate change of factory-made meat. As a sometime provider of the on-the-hoof version, I’m a bit torn on the subject. Read the comments at Mead’s post.