…wants to be a Senator from Texas. First, he needs the Republican nomination for the seat to be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison. Help him out, willya?

Williams is a person with as solid a set of conservative values as can be expected in any practicing politician, and more so than most. He’s been an able Railroad Commissioner who has always backed a reasonable balance between the needs for energy and environmental protection, which has put him at odds with the Feds more often than not. He’s a Texas politician, but isn’t part of the “my turn” line of Texas Republicans; that would be his most formidable opponent, David Dewhurst, the current Lieutenant Governor — think “John McCain” with smaller balls.

Williams’s proposals and policies have made him attractive to a number of people, but let’s tell the truth and shame the Devil, eh? His most attractive feature is that he isn’t attractive — he’s a big, bald, bullet-headed black guy who looks like something out of the old Warner Brothers cartoons we can’t see on teevee any more. He’s a graduate of USC, nobody’s cow college even if it isn’t an Ivy, and isn’t bashful about releasing his transcripts; he can get further into the nitty-gritty of the “awl bidness” and other forms of energy production than anybody not actually in the field and a lot who are; he’s got a stage presence that will remind you of Chris Christie, albeit with a different accent; his wife, who he’s kept out of his political career to the point of not having her picture on his Web site, is an honest-to-God engineer employed by a company that was no doubt overjoyed to have EEOC-repellent on staff but is famous for not suffering fools at all, much less lightly; but put him in a hoodie and low-slung pants, and three-quarters of the lily-white “liberals” would be cringing on the other side of the room. That’s not how he dresses, though. Imagine George Will with *ahem* color. And roughly twice the mass…

Look, it’s too damn bad that race is such an important part of American politics, but it is, and it needs to be allowed for. I would support Williams if he was green and had tentacles, simply on his record in the Railroad Commission and his previous offices, especially against Dewhurst, a Kennedyesque lightweight whose qualifications for office are that he’s paid his dues and now it’s his turn. But as a person with zero status to defend, I’m prepared to say what more-careful people carefully did not and do not say about Marco Rubio, Herman Cain, and others: it’s just fucking delightful to contemplate the prospect of shoving Williams up the Democrats’ noses. He’s everything Barack Obama pretends to be but is not — a genuine black American with the birth certificate, the psychic scars, and the high-school football jersey to prove it; a genuinely educated (rather than credentialed) person with no need to obfuscate the past; and a person who’s run a complicated enterprise for a long time, and done it quite well, thank you. And he’s a Republican. Send the man some money.