Stacy McCain goes postal on the class warriors: (h/t Reynolds)

Contrary to all the class-warfare demagoguery pouring forth from Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), conservatives do not oppose tax increases because we are beholden to the rich. Rather, the question is whether wealth does more good when it is invested in the private sector, to create jobs and economic growth, or surrendered to the federal government as taxes to support the metastatic growth of a pestiferous bureaucracy.

There’s a problem with that. See the bolded part? Leftoids don’t believe a word of it — it’s practically the definition of a Leftist, most especially including Democrats.

Leftoids don’t believe in production. Wealth simply is — it exists, out there somewhere, put there by forces beyond the ken of mortals. “The Rich” are people who have discovered some, purely by chance, and are fiendishly refusing to share with the rest of the tribe. One of the posters at Chicago Boyz first introduced me to the term “the seekrit stash”, the pile of wealth that’s out there somewhere, jealously guarded by its discoverers to keep it away from the People. Kurt Vonnegut called it the Money River, an endless supply of cash flowing freely through obscure faraway canyons, to which The Rich lead their offspring and a few selected friends, that they may slurp vewy vewy quietly, so as not to attract the attention of the Poor People who might be nearby.

Leftoids don’t even believe in production when they’re doing it. Spend any time at all with a UAW member, and it will finally dawn on you that he doesn’t seriously believe he’s producing cars. He’s getting a paycheck, and all that nonsense with tools and bolts and hunks of metal that they have to do on the shop floor is just meaningless hoops the nasty, tightwad rich bastards in Teh Management make them negotiate before they’ll hand out the money. That’s also why they don’t, in general, give a damn whether or not they build good cars. “Building cars” is just an excuse used by Teh Rich to force Teh Workers into an awkward, demeaning, inferior position before coughing up the dough, and it ain’t faaaaair.

Sensible people know that, in an industrial economy, wealth — the stuff that keeps us fed, clothed, housed, and (sometimes) healthy — is produced, and think the producers should get first dibs on the product. We also know that the means of production are themselves produced, and that production (of either final products or means of production) costs money. Leftists don’t believe any of that, and it’s a waste of time trying to explain it to them — wealth simply happens, people who have some just happened to find it by chance or by being led to the Seekrit Stash or the Money River, and anything you say to imply that that isn’t the case is simply evidence of being “…beholden to the rich.” Running dogs of the capitalist oppressor used to be the nicely colorful phrase. They don’t say it much any more, but I guarantee you that’s what they’re thinking.

That’s why Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist, can come out with what he considers perfectly sensible advice (and yes, he really does think so) that ends up being purely looney. He has, in fact, noticed that if you spend money in certain ways you get more money back — but because he doesn’t believe in production, or in the necessity for the means of production, to him any large amount of spending is “investment”. Give it to Teh Poor, give it to the Government to implement regulations, or give it to the private sector to build factories, it’s all the same — and the last alternative makes Teh Rich richer, so it ain’t faaaaair.

Ann Coulter wrote a book entitled How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). My advice is, don’t bother — it wastes your time and annoys the pig. When you try, their eyes glaze over and they start mentally substituting Marxist shibboleths for what you’re saying. Eventually the pressure will build to the point where they bleat “But that’s not faaaaair!” and the “debate” ends. And, as with “raaaaacist!”, remember that there are five “a”s and an obligatory exclamation point in “faaaaair!”