So the f* what?

The Sun will rise tomorrow, in a generally Easterly direction.

I am a racist.

Now: are you going to head up the Dulles access road on your way to the District tomorrow morning with the Sun at your back, because a racist said it’d be in your eyes?

No, because there’s no connection between the two pronouncements. Sunrise is a matter of physics, and physics is the same whether the person talking about it is racist or not. The two things have nothing to do with one another.

News flash for all you leftoids, buttheads, and general assholes: It is perfectly possible to have opinions, even derogatory ones, about the policies, performance, personality, and personal and/or oral hygiene of Barack Obama whether or not the person emitting the opinion likes, hates, or cares one way or another what his melanin content might be. This was the whole point behind the ministry of Martin Luther King: the two have nothing to do with one another. If the point under discussion is character, skin color is irrelevant. If I don’t like it that he’s black, too — and I haven’t said any such thing — the comment on policy, etc., still stands.

So when I express an objection and you holler “raaaaacist!” at me, my response is going to be, “Yah. So the f* what? Answer the objection, asshole.” If you don’t have an answer to the objection, you’ve got nothing and need to shut the f* up.

And if you’re the one offering an objection and all you get for your trouble is “raaaaacist!” that’s the correct approach, although if you’re in a situation where politeness is a positive it might be better to say “what’s that got to do with it?” or a nice, long-drawn-out “Aaaaaand…?” rather than “So the F* what?”, which is maybe a little crude. Some variant of that is still the right response, though, especially since the “racer” almost certainly has no answer to the substantive objection — or even, in most cases, any useful degree of comprehension of it.