Dan Collins and Joy McCann are opening a new website.  It’s a conservative talent bank and marketplace:


The site aims to connect people who have useful new media talents with folks who can use them. We’ve all seen or heard of people who couldn’t get creative work out before the public because they weren’t “in” with the Progressive arbiters and gatekeepers. We’ve all seen that begin to change a little, too, and Joy and Dan intend to provide another powerful nudge to that change.

One of the things that’s missing from New Media efforts is coordination — not “leadership” that tries to take over, or (shudder) “management” that turns everything into the same ol’ bland vanilla. Creative people need a place to meet and bounce ideas around, help one another sort out what’s worthwhile and what isn’t, and find people who can fit in and contribute. Even with modern software, decent presentations require inputs from people with multiple talents. You only have to scan through YouTube to find efforts from people whose ideas were obviously fresh and good, but who lacked the knowledge and experience to put the final edge on to make it great. One of the things Joy and Dan want to do is to provide those missing bits, either as a service or as a clearinghouse for people with the needed talents looking for people with creative ideas to use them.

They’ll have people on tap with expertise in copywriting and editing, digital image production, photography, sound production, website development, video production, marketing, and related skills and knowledge. If you need help in any of those fields, or have skills in those areas and are looking for people with creative ideas to put them to work, have a look. To help pay the bills (yours and theirs) they’ll be offering business listings, click-throughs to Amazon and other books, CDs and DVDs, unrelated goods and services offered by mom and pop operations, events listings, ride share and all the other usual stuff.

If that sounds a little like they want to be a combination Breitbart, indie angel, and Craiglist, well, aim high; at least you won’t shoot your own foot. Joy (Little Miss Attila) and Dan (Piece of Work in Progress) have been around the blogosphere for a long time, and mostly know what’s what. Give ’em a look, give ’em a try, buy an ad for your New Media effort if you’re so inclined, or ask for help if you need it. You don’t have to sit there with a great idea and no way to make it real!