Our President threatens to cut off Social Security payments if Republicans don’t agree to tax, tax, TAX!

It happens every time at every level, and it astonishes me that they continue to get away with it. The Government starts running short of money, and their immediate response is to cut services. Their own inflated salaries, their even more inflated expense accounts, their Government-supplied cars and other perks, the legions of bootlickers and butt-kissers that inflate their egos, the kickbacks to their buddies, the “social programs” that primarily serve to add to their legions of admirers and reduce the need for “campaign contributions”, all these are sacrosanct. What must be eliminated post-haste to Save Money if the taxpayers won’t cough up is pothole filling, street cleaning, fire and police protection, and staffing of the multitude of offices mere citizens must salaam to in order to get permission to do anything more public than cross the street. And the citizens cave, but do the potholes get filled? Hell, no. The Mayor gets a new Escalade.

This is just more of the same on a more-advanced level. Of course Obama can’t use the pothole trick; they’ve already cut off any funding for anything resembling road and highway improvement, in favor of a new electric train set for Little Joe and other Progressive pie in the sky. That’s OK if they can scare my contemporaries into insisting on More Taxes To Protect Social Security!

I don’t want a “Balanced Budget Amendment”. I want an amendment requiring that if, at any level of Government, the finances go into negatives, the head of that particular level of Government be executed by firing squad. At dawn. Against an east-facing wall, so the sun’s in their eyes. Pour encourager les autres, don’t’cha know?