Temporary Duty is now available from Barnes & Noble as a Nook eBook, for the convenience of those who don’t use the Kindle and don’t want to do their own format conversion. I like Barnes & Noble despite their being one of the causes of the demise of the independent bookstore and a lot of other changes for the worse in publishing in general. Their stores used to provide me with a lot of free or low-cost entertainment back in the days when I was traveling.

Fulsome and gladsome thanks to those who helped with the publicity. Thanks to you, Temporary Duty has been in Amazon’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy for 31 days as I post, and for a brief shining moment last Sunday night (10 July) it was #10, beaten only by Robopocalypse and George R. R. Martin, who occupied the first eight slots thanks to the HBO mini-series. My only disappointment (if it can even be called that) is that it doesn’t seem to be interesting to readers in the UK, but it’s so US-centric that that’s entirely understandable, and there have been a few intrepid buyers there.

Even more thanks to those who have actually bought a copy. If the current sales rate continues, sometime today the 5,000th copy will be downloaded. When I first put it up on Amazon, largely on a whim, I thought that well, maybe I have a hundred or so friends, relatives, and fans who might spare three bucks out of pity, then I could drop it to 99 cents and maybe see a few more go out. The actual result is so gobsmackingly unbelievable that I have trouble being as happy as I should be about it.