Around midnight, Amazon KDP sent an email saying that, as a result of “a quality assurance review”, Temporary Duty had been “unpublished”. Several people had complained of formatting errors, so I suppose that was the problem.

So this morning I reviewed the current .mobi on my hard disk, uploaded it, and ran quickly through where I thought the bad spots were. There’s still a typo, but the process of correcting it has become so cumbersome that I left it. One typo? Bah.

Now the page for the book gives a 404 “No Such Page” error, and listings elsewhere say “currently unavailable”. This seems like a piss-poor way to handle it, but it’s within their rights according to the contract. If you want a copy you can still get the .epub at Barnes and Noble[1], or other formats directly from me — hit the tipjar for $2.99 or more (Amazon say I can’t sell it for less than their price) and include a request (and desired format) in the remarks.

Sorry about that. With luck it’ll all be resolved soon.

UPDATE: Around 2:00 PM EDT, everything’s back on track.

[1] If you buy or have bought the book at B&N, I’d appreciate a review there if you have time.