The only thing really wrong about Janet Dailey’s Telegraph piece is the idea that “moving toward a command economy” will “ensure the survival of the world as we know it”. It won’t. All that does is convert a “crowdsourced” multiply-redundant system with one having a single point of failure, and handing control of the crucial nexus over to people who have already demonstrated that they’re incompetent.

That’s not a slam, however it sounds. Nobody is “competent” in that context. But at least we might find people who would screw up in new and interesting ways!

As usual nowadays, the action is in the comments. Several people provide us with the usual Marx-derived line that capitalism isn’t “compassionate”.

It is time and past for those of us who support “capitalism” (meaning, in this context, distributed ownership and control of the means of production rather than Government monopoly) to admit that yes, that’s true. Capitalism contains not one atom of compassion. That’s the whole f*ing point.

The Universe isn’t compassionate. If the Sun should produce a massive solar flare, wiping out all life on Earth and Harry Reid, it would be because some particle zigged when we would have preferred it to zag. The particle wouldn’t give a damn because it doesn’t have a damn to give; neither it nor the gazillions that follow it to produce a disaster (for us) would have any compassion, because they don’t have anything to be compassionate with. The flare would propagate through interplanetary space as directed by conditions as existing without exhibiting or encountering a scintilla of thought, let alone compassion, and would wash over the planet according to the inexorable Laws of the Universe.

Capitalism is scientific and rational, an intellectual construct that attempts to mimic the way things really work rather than how we would prefer them to work. It is and has been enormously successful, and people who allow their emotions and “feelings”, including “compassion”, to override the successful mechanisms can only destroy the very basis of their lives. By doing so they do not demonstrate that they are the best and brightest, fit to decide the minutiae of life for everybody on the planet. Instead, they demonstrate their intellectual incapacity, their failure to understand the process, and continue to do so daily and viva voce.