There are two categories of anti-capitalists: murder/suicides and liars.

The first can be divided into two categories: negligent (the majority) and intentional (the lunatic fringe). The negligent simply don’t know what they’re talking about, and should they succeed will be incredulous for the few seconds before they join the 6.5+ billion people their negligence killed off. The intentional are actually desirous of destroying the facilities that provide the necessities of life for the vast majority of the people on the planet, but since they’ve never been farther than ten steps from a sidewalk when outside, their delight (should they win) will be quickly replaced by the same expression as found on the negligents’ faces.

The second category, the liars, is populated by those who understand that “capital” is the resources diverted from living expenses to provide the means of production, and intend that that should continue to be the case. They simply want all the capital assets to belong to a single entity, with themselves and their friends in charge of that entity — which is to say, they aren’t anti-capitalist at all (hence “liars”), they are monopoly capitalists on a scale that would give John D. Rockefeller pause.

Protest as you will. The analysis stands.