This is a long and fairly complex novel I wrote, primarily during the Nineties. It didn’t sell to anybody, so I’m putting it up for the delectation (or otherwise) of my readers.

This (20090911) is all forty-nine chapters of it. There used to be at least four more chapters and a considerably more downbeat ending, but I rewrote it a little to make it shorter and to conform to the known tastes of a particular editor, now deceased.

UPDATE 20110530: Temporary Duty is now available from Amazon in Kindle format (with cover by Stoaty Weasel, yay!). As a result, I’m taking down all but the first seven chapters, which can be considered a “teaser”. The downbeat ending can stay; it doesn’t appear in the (self-) published book.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

Here are the last two chapters and epilogue of the “downbeat” ending. Call them 48A, 49A, and Epilogue:
Chapter 48A
Chapter 49A
TDY Epilogue