The NYT, and others, disclose that Iran has an additional facility for the processing of weapons-grade uranium. Many of the usual suspects are on the case.

Meanwhile, Closing Velocity notes:

By scuttling the long range interceptors in Poland, Obama has chosen to make the Eastern (and Southeastern) US more vulnerable. The dirty secret of missile defense is our lack of an East Coast interceptor base. While they can boogie cross-continent to intercept an East Coast ICBM threat very late in its flight, our West Coast interceptors in Alaska and California are primarily tasked with defending against North Korea.

(Read this fellow, folks. He doesn’t post often, but when he does, he knows what he’s talking about.)

Sitting out here in redneck flyover country, far away from anything foreigners might identify with American power, I look forward to the calls for bloody retributive WAR! when the mullahs blow up something the Progs treasure. Note that I say “when”, not “if” — it’s a foregone conclusion that Israel is doomed, but when that garners the expected reaction (“Oh, that’s terrible! Let’s not do anything that might offend those poor misguided fellows!”) the next step is pretty well inevitable.

I’d rather it didn’t happen. Noting that it will is not the same thing as wishing for it.